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I have a small GUI that include some JSliders and what have you. I could export it as a .jar and it would run without any problems. I then decided to add some images and I put them in a subfolder within my package in eclipse. Now when I export the file and try and run it I get the following errors (when run in terminal)

Henry-MAC:desktop 2010imac01$ java -jar trust.jar
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: input == null!
    at javax.imageio.ImageIO.read(ImageIO.java:1362)
    at trust.GUI.<init>(GUI.java:75)
    at trust.main.main(main.java:11)

After a lot of googling I think it is something to do with a .jar not being included in my manifest (that eclipse generates). How do I see/add the necessary class-paths in the manifest.

This is the part where I open images (what I think is the error)

try {
        n  = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("smiles/n.png")));
        s5 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("smiles/5.png")));
        s4 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("smiles/4.png")));
        s3 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("smiles/3.png")));
        s2 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("smiles/2.png")));
        f5 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("smiles/-5.png")));
        f4 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("smiles/-4.png")));
        f3 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("smiles/-3.png")));
        f2 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("smiles/-2.png")));

        smile = new Easel(n);
    } catch (IOException e) {
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are the images properly embedded in your jar? looks like the classloader can't find your images and thus returns null –  Guillaume Polet Mar 4 '12 at 22:26
I think @GuillaumePolet is right, although for future reference, don't just output error when you catch an exception. Use e.printStackTrace() (or better yet a logging framework if you're building something for production) so that your error messages can tell you something rather than just telling you there was a failure somewhere. –  Chris Thompson Mar 4 '12 at 22:29
I think that they are, they are in a package called smiles within the main package called trust –  user1068366 Mar 4 '12 at 22:45
db.tt/hOkb74cz –  user1068366 Mar 4 '12 at 22:52
@ChrisThompson how do I reference an image that's in the jar? –  user1068366 Mar 4 '12 at 23:18

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Try this:

BufferedImage n  = ImageIO.read(new File("./smiles/n.png"));

I assume that the image n.png is inside the smiles folder under your project folder.

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That unfortunately didn't work.. my link db.tt/hOkb74cz will show you the orientation with respect to the project folder. –  user1068366 Mar 5 '12 at 13:38
This will not work when the images are packaged in a JAR. –  E-Riz Mar 5 '12 at 13:39
I accept it. The above code will not work when the images are packaged in JAR. But your issue get resolved quickly if you include a '/' before 'smiles' as I shown in my latest answer! –  Sarath Kumar Sivan Mar 6 '12 at 4:36

When the images are packaged in a JAR, the classloader can find your image if you are using something like this:




That is in your case, the code should be as shown below:

try {
        n  = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("/smiles/n.png")));
        s5 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("/smiles/5.png")));
        s4 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("/smiles/4.png")));
        s3 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("/smiles/3.png")));
        s2 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("/smiles/2.png")));
        f5 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("/smiles/-5.png")));
        f4 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("/smiles/-4.png")));
        f3 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("/smiles/-3.png")));
        f2 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResource("/smiles/-2.png")));

        smile = new Easel(n);

} catch (IOException e) {


try {
        n  = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/smiles/n.png")));
        s5 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/smiles/5.png")));
        s4 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/smiles/4.png")));
        s3 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/smiles/3.png")));
        s2 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/smiles/2.png")));
        f5 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/smiles/-5.png")));
        f4 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/smiles/-4.png")));
        f3 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/smiles/-3.png")));
        f2 = ImageIO.read((this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/smiles/-2.png")));

        smile = new Easel(n);

} catch (IOException e) {

Hope this serves your purpose...

Thank you!

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