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I have a simple jsf 1.2 project (richfaces 3.3 implementation) where I have set the servlet mapping to *.xhtml. I also have a simple bean and a simple page to display the data.

I try to run the project, but, although I request mypage.xhtml, I am somehow redirected and I get the following error:

The requested resource (/rich_test/mypage.jsp) is not available.

Where does error come from?

Is there any further setting I need to make?

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For JSF 1.x, the default view technology is JSP. Facelets (XHTML) only became default in JSF 2.x. If you want to use Facelets in JSF 1.x, you basically need to set the default suffix to .xhtml instead of .jsp (after having installed the Facelets JAR file and registered the Facelets view handler).


However, on JSF 1.x, this way the FacesServlet will run in an infinite loop because everytime when it needs to resolve the XHTML file, it would invoke itself again. This issue does not occur on JSF 2.x anymore. For JSF 1.x, your best bet is to use the URL pattern of *.jsf instead.

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Got a blank page and faces-config="2.0" in faces-config.xml... why? xhtml is default in 2.0 right? – texasbruce Jul 27 '13 at 22:00
@texas: press 'Ask Question' button if you have a question. – BalusC Jul 28 '13 at 1:17

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