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I have a togglebutton on which I want to use two different template on Checked and Unchecked State.

When the ToggleButton is Clicked (IsChecked=True) I want to Use template 1 and when it is clicked for the second time I want to use Template 2.

That's it !!!

How can I do that ?? Should I use Event Trigger or Trigger for that ???

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You can change the Template's on an element by assigning them through a style, instead of directly to the element. In our style we can assign a trigger that is fired when the IsChecked property of the ToggleButton is set to True/False, and then within that trigger we can change the assigned template. A sample Style for our ToggleButton would look like this:

<ToggleButton Content="Toggle Me">
		<Style TargetType="{x:Type ToggleButton}">
			<Setter Property="Template"
					Value="{StaticResource ToggleButtonUncheckedTemplate}" />
				<Trigger Property="IsChecked"
					<Setter Property="Template"
							Value="{StaticResource ToggleButtonCheckedTemplate}" />

The two StaticResource's are our predefined ControlTemplates. While this works, I would recomend to just make the modifications needed inside the Template, instead of completely swapping the ControlTemplate for another one.

Just like we did in the style, we could create a Trigger inside the ControlTemplate that changes what is needed:

    	<ControlTemplate x:Key="ToggleButtonUncheckedTemplate"
						 TargetType="{x:Type ToggleButton}">
			<Grid SnapsToDevicePixels="False"
				... layout ...

				<Trigger Property="IsChecked"
					<Setter Property="Data"
							Value="M 1,4  L 4,1  L 7,4" />
				<Trigger Property="IsMouseOver"
					<Setter Property="Stroke"
							Value="#666" />
					<Setter Property="Stroke"
							Value="#222" />
					<Setter Property="Visibility"
							Value="Visible" />

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