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I have an android app that uses TextToSpeech. I check to see if the TTS package is installed by starting the TextToSpeech.Engine.ACTION_CHECK_TTS_DATA intent. If the intent checking to see if the TTS package exists comes back with a result that it doesn't exist, then I kick off the intent to install the TTS package:

Intent installIntent = new Intent();

This intent will launch a link to the market, but I'm not sure how it decides which tts package to install. Does it always point to the same tts app? Is there a way I can make it point to the amazon app store, or which tts package in the amazon app store should I be pointing the user to for my amazon version of my app? Amazon rejected my app submission because the TextToSpeech.Engine.ACTION_INSTALL_TTS_DATA intent was pointing the user to the android market.

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AFAIK, you can't. I don't even know if the TTS data is on the Amazon Appstore. You have two options:

  • explain to the Amazon people that you were using the system intent, and didn't point it to Market explicitly. Presumably, on a Amazon device (Kindle Fire, etc.) this intent will go to their store by default.
  • Set a flag in your Amazon version, and skip the TTS check altogether.
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I contacted amazon and they made an exception for this case since I wasn't pointing to the market explicitly. Thanks for your help. – Mike Bockus Mar 6 '12 at 3:28

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