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How would you remap Ctrl+P to send Ctrl+ (Up) consistently?
Here is what I tried:

^p::send {up}

While holding Ctrl this sends the first time,
but then P unless I release Ctrl and then press it again.

I found that it also happens with something like this:

*DestinationKey & normalKey::maptoAnother

Without releasing the artificial modifier it keeps inserting normalKey NOT maptoAnother.

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Here is what I ended up using:

^p::send ^{up}

{blind} can also be used in this case, because it avoids releasing ctrl

^p::send {blind}{up}
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Why the downvote? – echristopherson Sep 1 '12 at 3:03

It doesn't directly answer your question, but willwillis suggested XKeymacs for making Emacs-emulating key bindings in this question.

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Another option if you're using a program where ^Up != Up :

^p::SendPlay {Up}

I think you can also specify the mode for send once and use send after that :

SendMode Play
^p::Send {Up}

I think this is a better solution as you can directly send whatever key you want and are not forced to send ^ as with {Blind}.

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