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I am working on an iOS app, and want to determine which type of cellular connection the device has.

I'm most interested in the kind of cellular network my device is using: 2G or 3G, or other.

However, the Reachability.h only provides checking for wifi or 3G.

How can I check for 2G, 3G, etc?

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ios sdk have so many limitation - There are no identity check of 2g / 3g / LTE. Feeling poor after starting of development in ios – Ankur Loriya Nov 6 '14 at 7:55
possible duplicate of Determining 3G vs Edge – BB9z Nov 22 '14 at 2:54
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2G / 3G cannot be distinguished via Reachability.h or any other third party libraries, as iPhone only provides network type information ( WWAN , WiFi , no Network ) to API.

However, if you are able to know the IP range of 2G or 3G network, you can determine which network speed / frequency the iPhone is using.

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who is the -1? This answer is absolutely correct = = – Raptor Mar 12 '12 at 11:17

in iOS 7.0+ we have CoreTelephony framework which can provide us the required details about network type.

CTTelephonyNetworkInfo *telephonyInfo = [[CTTelephonyNetworkInfo alloc] init];
    NSString *currentRadio = telephonyInfo.currentRadioAccessTechnology;
    if ([currentRadio isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyLTE]) {
        // LTE

    } else if([currentRadio isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyEdge]) {
        // EDGE

    } else if([currentRadio isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyWCDMA]){
        // 3G

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You can tell EDGE from 3G with this technique: Determining 3G vs Edge

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The best method I have found:

+ (NSNumber *)dataNetworkTypeFromStatusBar {

UIApplication *app = [UIApplication sharedApplication];
NSArray *subviews = [[[app valueForKey:@"statusBar"] valueForKey:@"foregroundView"]    subviews];
NSNumber *dataNetworkItemView = nil;

for (id subview in subviews) {
    if([subview isKindOfClass:[NSClassFromString(@"UIStatusBarDataNetworkItemView") class]]) {
        dataNetworkItemView = subview;
return [dataNetworkItemView valueForKey:@"dataNetworkType"]; }

    /* Where
    0 = No wifi or cellular
    1 = 2G and earlier
    2 = 3G
    3 = 4G
    4 = LTE
    5 = Wifi
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