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I am new to socket progamming and I am trying to implement a stripped down FTP like program. It uses two TCP connections, one as a control connection and other as a data connection. The problem is that I do not know how to use the sever to connect to the client's N+1 port using its port 20. Please refer here, to fund out more.

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To create the active mode data connection, you:

  • Find the local address of the control connection with getsockname();
  • modify this address by changing the port number to 20;
  • create another socket with socket();
  • bind the new socket to the port 20 address created with bind();
  • connect the socket to the client's address/port with connect().

Note that the bind() will likely fail if your daemon is not running as root, because binding a low port number is a privileged operation.

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You should probably go through FTP RFC 959 to get all the details. Client needs to share data port to the server if it wants server to initiate data connection.

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