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How can create .csv file in android application, in which we will store some data like some employe details?

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download library from here

and jar file add to your application.

Inside your application do

     CSVWriter writer = null;
    writer = new CSVWriter(new FileWriter("/sdcard/myfile.csv"), ',');
    String[] entries = "first#second#third".split("#"); // array of your values
catch (IOException e)
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Thanks, but how to insert data in this file.... –  Manoj Kumar Mar 5 '12 at 5:11
u there, and can help for that using this code, the file only read only, I wan to give the permission for read & write, how can I do that... –  Manoj Kumar Mar 5 '12 at 5:22

You can write your own implementation for example using String.format or MessageFormat, you can use a template engine like StringTemplate or you can use tools like Bindy.

Example using bindy:

@CsvRecord(isOrdered = true)
public Class Order {

   @DataField(pos = 1, position = 11)
   private int orderNr;

   @DataField(pos = 2, position = 10)
   private String clientNr;


I'm not sure you can use bindy without camel-core, if not then it's probably a dependency you don't want in an Android app ;)

There are loads of other options as well.

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