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I have a form which has a Search button and a textbox which is displayed a s none.Onclick of this button, it opens an extjs window which has a grid. After selecting the grid column, on clicking OK button of the window, the selected value needs to be populated into the text box in the previous form. I am able to alert the selected value but not able to set it to the textbox. Below is the code which I am using. This is the javascript function called when I click the Ok button in the window.

function replaceButton(){
  var selectedRecord =   Ext.getCmp('pidList').getSelectionModel().getSelected().get('pid');
  alert(selectedRecord);    // The selected val is alerted correctly here

Could somebody help me in this?

Thanks is advance...

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Where do you set pidVal variable? Is it undefined?

Maybe document.getElementById('pidVal').getCmp().setValue(...); or something...

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