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See am doing an android application,it has a web back end,am using wordpress as the web back end,but how can i code web services in wordpress?suppose i need to fetch some contents from database and pass it as json to android phones.So where should i place the php script or how can i do this?Is it possible to do web services using wordpress?

Here is the code:

$select_qry="select * from admin_details where username='$uname' and  password='$paswd'";

How can i do this in wordpress?

Please help me..


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You can follow these steps:

  1. Create a template with your PHP code
  2. Create a page. Let's say the admin page is /my-service. Assign the template you created in step 1 to this page.

Your adroid application can now call your wordpress service via the URL . mydomain.com/my-service.


  1. I assumed you meant a REST service.
  2. Creating web services in WP is possible, but not ideal because URL pathing would be very hard. i.e. Wordpress wouldn't know how to parse /player/id vs /player/id/status .. the first asks for all the player data, the second asks for a particular attribute of a player.
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