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I have an MVC3 Razor view which has a link that requires user login and its html is like this:

<a href="Home/Login?returnUrl=/myprojname/Product/Index">

and then an action method Login in homecontroller and a view. Which posts values to Logon action method.

inside the post action method I check if returnurl is not null then redirect to that URL. On local system it returns to this address


and works fine. But when I upload it to server (IIS 7), It returns to


and gives 404 because there is no 'myProjname' there, If I remove the 'myprojname', it works with this url on live server


but for that I need to change href like this

<a href="Home/Login?returnUrl=/Product/Index">

In that case, It doesn't work with local system with URL


Please suggest solution

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Are you serious?

Okay, we'll i'll play along.

The solution is to create links properly, not hard code them.

@Html.ActionLink("Login", "Home", new { returnUrl = Url.Action("Index", "Product") })

On a side note, you probably don't need to pass returnUrl to the action. Pull it back from the Request.UrlReferrer.AbsoluteUri in the action method itself.

Not meaning to sound rude, but I strongly suggest you head over to http://www.asp.net/mvc and have a read/watch before proceeding any further.

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using Url.Action and Url.Content helper methods will generate URLs relative to the application root, and avoid these problems.

Also, @Href("~/") will generate the full path to the application root (from a view).

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