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I am debugging a program with Olly Debugger. It installs an exception handler while executing as follows:

push 004010a9
xor eax, eax
push dword ptr fs:[eax]
mov dword ptr fs:[eax], esp

So, the exception handler located at address 004010a9 is installed now.

The next instruction triggers a memory access violation as shown below:

add eax, 40
sub dword ptr ds:[00410000], eax

Since the code does not have permissions to write to the code section, it triggers a memory access violation and halts.

Now, I have an option to pass the exception to the program by pressing, Shift + F9.

However, when I press, nothing happens and the programs remains at Paused State.

My SEH Chain at this point looks like shown below:

004010a9 // exception handler installed above
7c839aa8 // final exception handler

My debugging options in Olly Debugger are set as shown below:

Under Exception Tab, I have only the following option checked:

Ignore Memory Access Violations in Kernel32

I am unable to understand why doesn't the program pass exception to the exception handler located at 004010a9 when I press Shift + F9 since it is the current threads exception handler.


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check mark ignore the following exceptions and or range checkbox

click the button add last exception

the list box must be filled with c0000005 access violation after you click the button

press ok .

ollydbg is now setup to allow passing the said exception to program

shift + f9 will only work now to pass another exception say divide by zeor this procedure has to be done again

or you can add a complete range like 0 to ffffffff

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