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I have problem with tinyMCE image manager plugin. My configuration details are :

<add key="filesystem.rootpath" 
     value="E:\ABC\My Project Name\CMSFolder\CMSImages\"/>

using thic config,tinyMCE works fine.i can upload images to above specified folder.also i can see images in editor also This data also gets saved in DB successfulyy. image tag is created in this way

<img src="CMSImages/error.png" width="375" height="300" />

The problem is that when i try to display this content in my asp.net literal or div control in FinancePage.aspx page,image is not displayed. because it's src path is [src="CMSImages/error.png"]. It must be [src="\CMSFolder\CMSImages\error.png"].then only it can display image. my FinancePage.aspx page is in My Project Name folder. any suggestion? how to configure this?

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