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i'm using openlayers and geoExt.

what i have is this:

var options = {
        hover : true,
        box : true,
        onSelect : saveToJ

    var select = new OpenLayers.Control.SelectFeature(vecLayer, options);

now in saveToJ function i want to get length of selected feature (let's say feature = lineString):

function saveToJ(feature) {

gives an error TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'getLength', but from this i thought i can use it.

So: how can i get a length of selected feature?

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getLength is a method of Geometry, not Feature.

So you should write feature.geometry.getLength(), see http://dev.openlayers.org/docs/files/OpenLayers/Geometry-js.html#OpenLayers.Geometry.getLength

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great! thanks! while i was waiting for the answer i've made up a function which generates points from feature coords and then generates linestring :) correct solution is much better) –  k102 Mar 5 '12 at 9:35

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