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I have one package contains many Stored Procedure for populating diffrent tables. This package is being called at the time of Uplaod of one Excel file. Now suppose i have five procedure SP1,SP2,SP3,SP4,SP5 inside a package PKG

    Create or replace  package PKG
    sp2;--shd run without waiting for SP1 to get finish..
    sp3;--shd run without waiting for SP2 to get finish..
    sp4;--shd run without waiting for SP3 to get finish..
    sp5;--shd run without waiting for SP4 to get finish..

Now what i want is to execute all SP together tat means SP2 shd not wait for SP1 to get complete.. Is there any way to do like this "parallel execution of procedures"..

I am using PL/SQL oracle 9i/10g


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you may find an answer here stackoverflow.com/questions/576802/… –  A.B.Cade Mar 5 '12 at 7:36
Thanks Buddy :) –  Avi Mar 5 '12 at 7:52

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You are mixing up packages dependencies and execution depenndencies...
There are many ways that will allow you to run some procedures in parallel:

  • You can just open many sessions and run one procedure from each
  • Another approach will be to use dbms_job to run the procedures in the background

Do you need the client to be notified when the process end?

More information is needed if this is not sufficient.

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