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I Want Set Access level user For Buttons in the forms. example in the each form i have Add , Edit ,search and Delete button and I want user1 access to delete and update button in the form 1 and user 2 access to all buttons in each forms.

i create Table for Save Forms Name and Create other Table for Save User Profile and create table for save access User to forms and button. But I do not know how these settings in the form.
In any form is when you load the data read from the database?And to apply settings or Can I do this, write a general function,That automatically does this for every form????

thanks all

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The following link was of great help when I encountered the same problem (it is for asp.net 2.0 but applies to the newer versions):

Recipe: Implementing Role-Based Security with ASP.NET 2.0 using Windows Authentication and SQL Server

SO in few words, you need to set up the Roles and then use them to enable access to users according to their roles. Enabling buttons and disabling buttons in a form can happen in the code behind utilizing the Roles.

For example you can use this piece of code if you have setup a role called Administrators:

If User.IsInRole("Administrators") Then
     'Do something only admins are allowed to-do
End If

I hope that this is helpfull.

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