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im working on a project at work.

ive defined a route that works correctly, but im having problems getting quarts to act the way i want it.

what ive got:

from uri="quartz://FTP/SUNDSVALL.COPY?cron=0+0+08+?+*+MON-SUN"/

but that comes with an error when its supposed to fire and dosent run the route defined.

what i want is a timer that fires the route every day at 0800 hours.

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what is the error that you are seeing? also, include your full route – boday Mar 5 '12 at 17:26
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for everyday at 8AM, this should work...

from("quartz://myGroup/myTimerName?cron=0+0+8+*+*+*").to("log:+++IT WORKED+++");
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