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I'm about to launch a web-site very soon, and I want to track over 500 actions per session. Basicall, I want to track each hover-over, and Google Analytics only supports 500 actions per session. What is the best way to do this reliably but also a relatively inexpensive solution. I'm thinking of something like this...

  1. Batch up events on the client
  2. Send via ajax every N events or seconds
  3. Write to a pretty cheap but reliable persistent store
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Maybe Google Analytics won't be the best tool for your situation. – shanabus Mar 6 '12 at 2:20
  1. To batch up the events, simple push them into your own javascript object, maybe with the same signature:

    yourEventArray.push(['Category','Action', 'Label']);

  2. Create a function that gets called on some interval:

    ...page load event... var gaqTimeout = setTimeout(uploadEvent, 100);

    function uploadEvent() { if (yourEventArray.length > 0) { // do something like loop through items in array and pop them out once added to _gaq } }

  3. How does this apply? If you're talking about queuing GA events to the server for later processing, you should really think about finding a better solution that handles your specific situation.

UPDATE - based on your comment

Other products that I familiar with that do a good job tracking hover events and mouse events:

Lastly, check out this great post that contrasts 3 of the most popular Web Analytics tools and their limitations.

My 2 cents, hope it gets you in the right direction!

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Ooops... I meant is there a solution other than using Google Analytics? – ZenoriInc Mar 6 '12 at 7:27
Updated to reflect your comment. I hope this helps – shanabus Mar 6 '12 at 14:15

Mixpanel is based on events and there are no limits. It is not free, but it is awesome for this use case.

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I think it is severely overpriced. – Andrey Jan 27 '14 at 12:27
If you are currently spending little to nothing on an analytics solution, I can see your point, but as compared with other competing tools in the marketplace, or developing a custom solution, it's competitively priced. If you have a free or open source product or are a not-for-profit company, consider contacting them and plead your case for a discount license. – phpguru Feb 5 '14 at 23:28

Another option is to study the Measurement Protocol in Google's Universal Analytics. You could define all your actions as virtual pageviews, and have up to 10M a month.

See also the Limits and Quotas.

The limit you describe, of 500 events per session, may not actually be that big of a deal if you re-think it a bit. Realize that a Google Analytics session is (most likely) not the same thing as your user logging into your app and doing things.

You might want to try setting a custom dimension of "LoggedIn" to "Yes" when someone logs in, but "No" otherwise. Send this CD with every pageview and event. This is a more typical idea of a session in a web app. Then every pageview or event you send to GA can be analyzed within the context of this dimension.

Additional References

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