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I hope my question doesnt sound stupid, But i really want to know this..

Is signed_request an alternative to access_code? If so, How do i receive the signed_request for desktop clients?

I mean flow that i follow in my desktop client is:

  1. Call
  2. Take the access_token returned from (1) and fetch user information.

So will 1. and 2. be merged in a single request call to signed_request which says it will give the JSON object of user information in it.

How to make this call to get signed_request for desktop clients?

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Two problems with your theory here:

  1. In order to get a valid access_token within the signed_request, you'll still need to authenticate and request permission from a user, so in that case it's probably simpler to use the authentication flow fully rather than trying to parse the signed_request.

  2. As stated in the Signed Request docs you will not receive any signed_request if you are building a desktop/device app.

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