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I have this query :

SELECT ..... ,( CAST(col1 AS MONEY) / CAST (col2 AS MONEY) ) as calc1 from mytable...

(returns 1000 rows)

Now I need to add more columns based on calc1 expression ( e.g. calc2 = calc1 * 4)

I don't want to do this :

SELECT (CAST(col1 AS MONEY) / CAST(col2 AS MONEY)) AS calc1,    --same 
       (CAST(col1 AS MONEY) / CAST(col2 AS MONEY)) * 4 AS calc2,    -- dragged calc1 
       ((CAST(col1 AS MONEY) / CAST(col2 AS MONEY)) * 4) * 50 AS calc2, -- dragged calc2 
       (((CAST(col1 AS MONEY) / CAST(col2 AS MONEY)) * 4) * 50) * 60 AS calc2 -- dragged calc3 

visualization : the yellow part is repeating itself with added calculations...

enter image description here

what is the best way of doing this ?

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Depending on what your col1 and col2 values are, it may turn out that money is a pretty poor datatype to choose: select (((CAST(1 AS MONEY) / CAST(100000 AS MONEY)) * 4) * 50) * 60,(((CAST(1 AS decimal(20,4)) / CAST(100000 AS decimal(20,4))) * 4) * 50) * 60. – Damien_The_Unbeliever Mar 5 '12 at 8:56
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You could use a common table expression (CTE):

;with calcCTE
  SELECT (CAST(col1 AS MONEY) / CAST(col2 AS MONEY)) AS calc1
  FROM <table>
SELECT calc1,
       calc1 * 4,
       calc1 * 200,
       calc1 * 12000
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if I understand your question correctly you don't want to repeat the equation each time you use it. If so consider a view, either a permanet or in line one and reference the column in the select (or outer select if an inline view).

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if calc3 based on calc2 based on calc1 I dont want to have 3 "one on top" select's... – Royi Namir Mar 5 '12 at 8:41
the only options I can see is nested views or repeating the syntax in a single query. E.g. calc2 would have the same text plus more as calc1. – Karl Mar 5 '12 at 8:45

Sounds like what you need is to define your equations as scalar functions and then you could do something like:

SELECT dbo.calc1(col1, col2) AS Calc1, dbo.calc3(col1, col2) AS Calc3
FROM transactions

and inside your function for Calc3 you could just return SELECT calc2(col1, col2) * 50 which in return would just return SELECT calc1(col1, col2) * 4

This will work so long as your equations don't change.

You could even go further and define a multiplier variable so that you try and re-use the calculations as much as you can.

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