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I wanted to know how using java can i build a chat website with as simple concept as omegle? Can anyone please give an insight how does chat session work ? Or how can i do this in java ?

If there are some tutorials that teach this,please link them.

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As a start, I think you can go through the Java Sockets API because socket programming will be the main thing here.

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webcam support with java is a difficult topic, maybe you start with plain text chatting

you'll need a gui in an applet or an application (awt,swing) to input and view texts

and you need to transfer your data; for that you should read about TCP and UDP in Java; Sockets are an easy way to implement TCP

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this is a classical homework.... You may use different strategies:

  • plain sockets as stated in previous answer
  • Java RMi for Java 2 Java communication
  • JMS for powerful communication

You 'll have to write some specifications to know what kind a chat you want to write:

  • just plain text messages
  • including video/sound/pictures


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