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How can I check the currunt iteration for foreach and do something?

{foreach $new_products as $product name=foo}
{if $}
Do it!

This always return, not checked.

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{foreach $from as $item} {if $item@iteration == 5} is a bit shorter… – rodneyrehm Mar 5 '12 at 8:59

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I think you should do {if $ == 5} (note the ==).

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Yes! Thank you! – skywind Mar 5 '12 at 8:53
Why the double equals? Just trying to understand because === works fine too. – loxyboi Aug 13 at 7:53
@loxyboi you can use two or three equal signs (three will check, that the type matches, too – see But in the original question there were only one equal sign, which is wrong. – apfelbox Aug 13 at 9:24
@apfelbox oh yeah I can see that now, didn't spot the one '=' in the question. Thought you were referring to smarty specific rules. Thanks! – loxyboi Aug 13 at 11:17

There is an alternative (I think newer) technique for this. The example from the Smarty docs demonstrates it nicely:

{foreach $items as $i}
  {if $i@index eq 3}
     {* put empty table row *}

Note the index starts from zero, so index 3 is the 4th iteration.

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