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i was given an assignment .

Write a program to simulate job scheduling in an operating system. Jobs are generated at random times. Each job is given both a random priority from 1 to 4 – where 1 is the highest priority –and a random amount of time to complete its execution.

Jobs do not begin execution and run to completion, but instead share the processor. The operating system executes a job for a fixed unit of time called time slice. At the end of the time slice, the current job’s execution is suspended. The job is then placed on a priority queue, where it waits for its next share of processor time. The job having the highest priority is then removed from the priority queue and executed for a time slice. When a job is first generated, it will begin executing immediately if the processor is free. Otherwise it will be placed on the priority queue.

In this assignment, you will need an implementation of a queue and a priority queue. You can use the priority queue in the Java Class Library (java.util.PriorityQueue). It implements the interface java.util.Queue.

im confuse with time slice and execution time.. as my understanding for now is let say final int timeslice=3, the time to complete all job is final int clock=20 minutes.; when job A begin at 0 minute has execution time of 5(which is randomly generated between 1-5). while executing the job till minute 3.Job A is put into priority queue while Job B with execution time of 2 minute enters at minute 3? after finish executing Job B, Job A enter to finish executing or Job C ?

please explain if im wrong. Thanks

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In your question of whether Job A or Job C is executed (once B is complete) it should depend what the PriorityQueue returns, which will be the job with the highest priority.

If Job A had a priority of 1 and Job C a priority of 2, PriorityQueue would return Job A and that should get the next time slice.

If Job C had a priority of 2 and Job B a priority of 4, PriorityQueue would return Job C and that should get the next time slice.

As adn_295 says, this is a good assignment.

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PriorityQueue always returns the highest priority task, so it will keep being returned whenever add back to the queue. I suggest you try implementing the solution as see how it works. (Or writing a simple test program using PriorityQueue)

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First of all this is a very good assignment.! You need to implement the exact mechanism of how OS works to schedule jobs/tasks. See these references to get clear understanding of it.


2)Job Scheduling Problem in Java

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