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I'm developing a app that requires sync with the server app every 5 minutes... Which is the best way to accomplish that? I'm using a ThreadPoolExecutor (java way...) but I'm not very happy with that... and I want to know what other solutions can you provide me....


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Either you can use Thread, AsyncTask with time interval of 5 minutes, or just use a background service which execute web-service at every 5 minutes continuously.

Also Use AlarmManager to set up your schedule and an IntentService to do the actual work. The IntentService automatically gives you your background thread for your network I/O, and it automatically shuts down the service when the work is complete.

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Try using AlarmManager to wake up your app (service or whatever) every 5 minutes to perform the operation.

Some examples:

  1. It wakes CPU every 10 minutes until the phone turns off: Alarm Manager Example

  2. Using AlarmManager to Schedule Activities on Android:

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I favour alarm manager / broadcast receiver solution with non-wakeup alarms. Updating information from webservice seldom makes sense for slleping phones ( as there is no user present to react or notice changes ) - thus you can save traffic and power

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