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I'm trying to configure JBoss Negotiation on UNIX machine on Microsoft Active Directory using this link

ktpass -princ HTTP/ -pass * -mapuser spnego@DEG01.DEV 
ktab -k c:/service.keytab -a HTTP/

but i get the error

Client not found in Kerberos database (6)

Can anyone confirm that my unix machine IP should be defined on the Active Directory?

Thanks for your help

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Yes, a pre-requisite for Kerberos authentication to work is a correct DNS and reverse-DNS entries for hostnames and IP addresses.

The aim of this constraint is to involve an additional tier in the security team but the all-in-one ActiveDirectory breaks a little this idea.

To validate your setup, you can use Kerberos command line tools (MIT or Heimdal) on Unix:

  • with a correct /etc/krb5.conf and default realm set
  • kinit user does a password based authentication
  • kvno HTTP/yourIP acquires a TGS for this SPN
  • kvno HTTP/ if you have registered alternate SPNs with setspn -a
  • klist -ef to look at TGT and TGS tickets in cache with flags and encryption
  • kdestroy to flush the user's cache
  • kinit -k -t service.keytab HTTP/yourIP to test keytab based authentication
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