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In the windows8 Developer preview we can use this code to play audio in background:

mediaElement.AudioCategory = AudioCategory.Media;

In the windows8 Customer perview, It seems that we should use AudioCategory.BackgroundCapableMedia instead of AudioCategory.Media


and I also Declare a background task in appxmanifest

<Extension Category="windows.backgroundTasks" EntryPoint="TestApp.App">
            <Task Type="audio" />

but it didn't work for me and the MediaElement will throw an "MF_MEDIA_ENGINE_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED“ exception in MediaFailed EventHandler How should I do?

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You also need to set up these event handlers:

using Windows.Media;

MediaControl.PlayPressed += MediaControl_PlayPressed;
MediaControl.PausePressed += MediaControl_PausePressed;
MediaControl.PlayPauseTogglePressed += MediaControl_PlayPauseTogglePressed;
MediaControl.StopPressed += MediaControl_StopPressed;


void MediaControl_StopPressed(object sender, object e)

void MediaControl_PlayPauseTogglePressed(object sender, object e)

void MediaControl_PausePressed(object sender, object e)

void MediaControl_PlayPressed(object sender, object e)

I think that should have it working.

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