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i need to link a branch office to a new subnet. I'm wronging something... i try to be more specific:

i have this object virtually connected as follows:

GW_U ---- S-OpenVPN ----- OpenVPN-C ----- GW_S


GW_U: main office gateway with linux OS on whicht here is a the VPN server (OpenVPN-S) , a DHCP for the internal network 192.168.10.x and a firewall IPTABLES.

GW_S: gateway of the branch office with OS Windows 2003 Server, a VPN client (OpenVPN-C) and a DHCP for the subnet 192.168.8.x

nodes ip in the network are as follows:


The VPN works fine ... but I can not to connect the two sub-networks (although I set the routing). Really I can operate only in one direction by enabling the masquerading (of GW_S) from one of the interfaces ... If I enable masquerading of both interfaces (of GW_S) does not work!

On linux gateway (GW_U) i can enable the masquerading of all interfaces without problems.

please... help me! =)

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i can share share some screenshot of the configured routing table and of NIC. image 1 image 2 –  Gabriele Pia Mar 5 '12 at 10:09

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I solved, I installed Linux! LOL! :P

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