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In a function in a custom module, I am using:

if ($node->nid == 210)

How do I alter it for multiple nids? Not just 210 but for say, nodes 210, 211, 225?

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You can create an array and use in_array

if(in_array($node->bid, array(210, 211, 225))) {
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Try this

$list= array(200,400,300);

foreach($node->nid as $key)
   if(in_array($key, $list))
        // Your Logic
     // invalid id logic
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if ($node->nid == 210 || $node->nid == 212 || $node->nid == 213)

This would exclude 211. The || is OR

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Is there any reason to use this instead of in_array()? –  Letharion Mar 5 '12 at 15:05
Sure. The question was how to modify the if statement to allow multiple nid's. The question was not 'If I were willing to add more control structures, and know how to use foreach, and conceptually understand arrays, how could I do this?' The OP didn't select anyone's answer as having helped him, so I added another solution that could meet his needs. –  Jake Mar 5 '12 at 15:08

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