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I am trying to find a simple bare bones example/demo that shows me how I can build a trivial/proof of concept website that will collect user email (and maybe first name), and add this name to a list created on mailchimp.

To clarify, I am not merely asking how to create a PHP/mySQl website - I already know how to do that, and I already know how to place a form on a page etc.

Assuming I already have the following: - A php/MySQL site with a registration form - A newly created list on mailchimp

More specifically, I want a user to be able to register on a page on my site, and then I want the following sequence of events to happen:

  1. When a user clicks the 'submit' button on my page, their details gets sent to mailchimp and added to a specific list created on mailchimp
  2. They are sent a confirmation email by mailchimp
  3. Once they confirm subscription, they are directed back to a page on my site, with a token from mailchimp
  4. I store their details (provided by mailchimp) into my MySQL database
  5. I send the confirmed subscriber an email with an attachment
  6. When the user unsubscribes from the list, I get notified by mailchimp and I can flag the user as unsubscribed in my database.

I have not been able to find a simple demo (or tutorial) that shows how to implement the required functionality listed above. Can anyone recommend a link (or links) to get me started with implementing these specific "bare bone" functionality?

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The documentation is rather good I thought?

Just checkout the API-docs: http://apidocs.mailchimp.com/api/how-to/basic-subscribe.php

And if for some reason you do not want to read docs but just want to see code (please, don't do this, but hey, what do I know): click on the exmples listed here: http://apidocs.mailchimp.com/api/downloads/#examples

Start with the example code and if it doesn't do exactly everything, you can find it at the docs easily enough.

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Here are the basic steps you'll need to follow regardless of the language or system you use:

  1. Figure out how you want to connect to the API.
  2. Grab your API Key.
  3. Design your HTML form.
  4. At the very least you'll need a field for the email address and any Merge Tags you need to capture.
  5. If you want some AJAXy goodness, plan out those callbacks and javascript.
  6. Otherwise, set up that form to submit to a script that will run your listSubscribe() code
  7. Once it's making API calls correctly, the script is very simple.
  8. All it needs to do is call listSubscribe().
  9. Look for the Double Opt-In email.

None of this explains how to actually do any of these steps... Have spent 3 hours trying to integrate this API, somebody help with a simple example please! And yes I checked out all of the references under their provided examples for PHP, have still not been able to get this to work :(

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