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I'm developing an application that has a view with UILabel, UIButton, UIImageView or UITextField.I want to create programatically the UIlabel, UIbutton, UIImageView or UItextfield with the information that i will receive from web service.

After create the UIlabel, UIbutton, UIImageView or UITextField programatically, how can I access then?

I will have a lot objects, and my idea was to have a name/ID to each one (I don't know if it is possible).

Then I would have a array with strings that have the objects names.

NSString *textFieldName = @"nameX";

Now with the name of the object how could I access then, for example to get the value?

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What you need for that is using a tag, you put a tag to the view and then you retrieve like this:

 //first you put a tag in your fresh created view, for ex a button
 #define TAG_BUTTON 123

 myButton.tag = TAG_BUTTON;

//And you retrieve like this:

UIButton *myButtonRetrieved = [self.view viewWithTag:TAG_BUTTON]
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Thanks, I had never seen the tag property. – Freedom Mar 5 '12 at 11:05

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