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Im trying to for each loop true @participants collection like below:

- (1..@participants.count).each do |participant|
    - @user = User.where(:id => 1).first
    # @user = User.where(:id => particpant.id).first ==> throws error: ...
    # (undefined method `id' for 1:Fixnum):
          = show_avatar(@user.id)
            = @user.username

Confused on how to get the participant.id value for each looped object, cannot figure out how to after searched for a solution. Should I use a render collection instead or is there a way to get the participant.id for each looped participant? thx

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You don't have to create a range, you can do the following, if participants is an array of participant objects:

- @participants.each do |participant|
  - user = User.where(:id => participant.id).first

It's even better to setup a rails relation.

class Participant
  belongs_to :user

This way you can simply do participant.user

I can't tell you how to setup those relations specifically because you did not give enough details. But this should get you started.

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