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I need to use features of a MapView (like POI) on any image? is this possible?

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You could try storing locations of the POI's along with information in a file. Then, create canvas from the initial image and 'plot' the points stored in the file on the new canvas with another image (E.g. a pin image).


{ poi: {
      "name": "Boots",
      "caption": "Pharmacy",
      "map_coord": {
          "x": 554,
          "y": 266

Canvas from image:

Canvas imageCanvas = new Canvas(initial_image);

For each map coordinate:

imageCanvas.drawBitmap(pin_image, map_coord.x, map_coord.y, null);
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I don't understand. How can I replace the known picture in order with my picture, for example a dog or cat photo ? I need to have the same behavior with overlays etc ... – Izi Mar 5 '12 at 11:35

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