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Is there a Facebook Graph API query to return names of my friends if I provide a list of IDs? I know I can do it separately for each friend but obviously this would be faster.

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Yes there is a way to get the names from friends connection of user

Using PHP-SDK this can be done like this:

$facebook = new Facebook(array(...));
$facebook->api('/me/friends', array(

If you want to pass the ids of users to get their names it may be done so:,userid_2,userid_n

Or the same using PHP-SDK:

$array_of_user_ids = array(4,123,/*etc*/);
$facebook = new Facebook(array(...));
$facebook->api('/', array(
  'ids'=>implode(',', $array_of_user_ids);
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What if there are 2 fields needed? – Dante Cullari Mar 30 '13 at 1:27
nm..looks like this works 'fields'=>'likes,name' – Dante Cullari Mar 30 '13 at 1:59

You can do it with

It returns friends names with their ids.

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