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I am making mobile web app in Html, css, javascript, jquery . I am initializing iScroll on page .
iScroll is working fine .
Page contains textbox . It becomes not editable after iScroll intialization. even z-index isn't useful here.

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Yes, There is alternative ....

download example and put your text box and just try ... My edited example is here

Touch to scroll and you can edit text also ....

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I have made my text box working in an iscroll enabled div

Just below the form elements add this javascript

var selectField = document.getElementById('input_field');
selectField.addEventListener('touchstart' /*'mousedown'*/, function(e) {
}, false);

This works for me in iphone 5.1

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If you have a dom element listening to events like ontouchstart, the event first triggers on the element and then ultimately bubbles up to the DOM, where the browser picks it up and does it's browser related work - scrolling, checkboxes, etc.

On the other hand, iScroll prevents this event from bubbling up. The reason iScroll does this is to prevent the browser's default scrolling from kicking in.

The short answer: It's not possible to put a textbox inside iScroll.

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It is reported .... But is there any solution to this .... As I want Scroller and textbox in page – Swapnil Godambe Mar 5 '12 at 11:43
Yup, I just read about it today:… There are still some issues, but am sure that there'll be some nice functionality for overflow scrolling added over the next few months. – skyronic Mar 5 '12 at 11:57

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