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I have the following Hibernate entities:

class A{
    String name;

class B{
   List<A> aList;

I want to fetch all B from the database that ALL the names from a list are like the B's list for example, for the following list:

String lst[] = {"str1", "str2"};

I need to retrieve all B entries that has lists of two A's with the same strings as in the arrays.

I prefer using the Criteria queries but HQL or SQl are fine too.

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If your A and B entities are kept in A_table and B_table respectively, and the one to many relation ship from A to B is kept in A_table in the column b_id, then the corresponding SQL would be something like:

select distinct * from B_table join A_table on A_table.b_id=B_table .id where"str1" or"str2"

The HQL query would be something like:

select distinct b from B b inner join B.aList as a where'str1' or a.nama='str2'
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