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I just realised that standard ActiveRecord actually hits the database when you do

person = Person.new(:name => "test")

I suspect ActiveRecord does this to check what fields are available for the model.

However, our legacy database is only occasionally available. That means that our test suite cannot run all the time. Are there any tricks to making this work without a database?

If it's not possible, we thought of some alternatives:

  • have a local copy of the database and work on that one
  • use another ORM that solves this problem (DataMapper)

Any suggestions are welcome.

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Working with a local copy is only possible if the data touched isnt changed from anywhere else! Otherwise you will have a database desaster soon.

Your suspction is right too. ActiveRecord checks the Database for fields so it needs a connection. I dont think there is a way to solve this when you want continue using ActiveRecord. I think you need to solve the underlying problem and run a database that is always available!

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Try attr_accessor :your_method_name You may use also read_attribute/write_attribute

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