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I have a page which contains an iframe.

My problem is that I sometimes need to modify the iframe's page but the changes are not showing on the main page unless I go to that frame and reload it manually.

Is there a way to refresh the iframe when the page loads or similar way to sort this problem?

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You could do on document ready:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#your_iframe_id').attr( 'src', function ( i, val ) { return val; });

Did you mean like that

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Re-setting the src attribute of the iframe is sufficient to cause it to reload. For example:

$(function() {
  $('#idOfIFrame').attr('src', 'http://yourDomain.tld/yourPage');

Will cause the iframe to load http://yourDomain.tld/yourPage.

Alternatively, if the iframe src is on the same domain as the outer page, you can trigger a refresh by the following:

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Providing the iframe is on the same domain as the parent page, the following JavaScript will perform a reload:


You can use that whenever you need to refresh it.

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