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I am new to Mysql. Is there any way available to work with newly added records only? My table contains more than 1 million records. Every 5 mins, there is a new record is added. To find the avg() of the table, it takes minimum 3.5 sec. Whenever I find the avg(), the entire row is calculated. Instead of that, I want to calculate avg() for the newly added records only. It reduces the time of execution. How do I find the last position from which I should calculate?


| Id    | name | data   |
| 01    | aaa  | 10045  |
   .      .      .     
   .      .      .      
|1000000| xxx  | 10012  |

avg of 1000 records=500;---> takes 3sec

avg of 1100 records=600;---> takes 3.5sec

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Do you have any auto-incrementing field or Timestamp/date added/updated? –  kaj Mar 5 '12 at 12:29

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@KAJ's comment and @Arif's answer and pointing you in the right direction. But consider making a view for this as well...it's essentially a 'query you need to run all the time', and those sorts of queries make the best candidates for a view.

See @Arif's answer for a good starting point to make a VIEW_recent_additions.

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It's for the sake of organization, yes. Performance? Not so much. –  Droogans Mar 5 '12 at 12:50

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