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How can I use Django Debug Toolbar in Heroku when I don't know the IP address so this:


Always fails.

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Elaborating on Daniel Roseman's answer, here is how to have the toolbar show for staff users: Assign dotted path to the function to SHOW_TOOLBAR_CALLBACK


def show_toolbar(request):
    return request.user.is_staff

    # ...
    'SHOW_TOOLBAR_CALLBACK': 'project.settings.show_toolbar',
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I did something like this when I had the problem. –  igorgue Aug 28 '13 at 22:42

There's no dependency on INTERNAL_IPS to show the debug toolbar. That's simply the default way of ensuring that you only show it to your actual developers. As the documentation explains, you can provide your own logic for this by defining a function a setting SHOW_TOOLBAR_CALLBACK to point to that function. So, for example, you could check for a certain username, or simply return True to ensure it's always shown.

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I have the following in my settings.py, which works both locally and when I deploy to Heroku:


if DEBUG is True:

if DEBUG is True:
  class AllIPS(list):
      def __contains__(self, item):
           return True
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You could put {{ request.META.REMOTE_ADDR }} in your template and see the IP DJDT wants to see in INTERNAL_IPS. Documentation about request.META.

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