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When I try to access my Facebook app without being logged into Facebook, I'm getting an error. If I'm already logged into Facebook, I get directed to the application normally, but without being logged in

Using the example for server-side CSRF on this page, my site generates a "state" variable to store in the session and redirects the user to the following URL:[APP_ID]&redirect_uri=[APP_URL]&state=[RANDOM_NUMBER]

All I'm getting by way of an error message is


An error occurred. Please try later.

With no clear indication what's gone wrong, where, or why.

The app is running on a live server, with the domain name and path matching what's specified in the Facebook app control panel.

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If your receiving the Error 'An error occurred. Please try later.' on the Facebook login page then i would suggest you to verify the value for the parameter 'redirect_uri'. the value supplied in the above url should match with the one set for the facebook app in the spp settings page.

Had faced a similar problem during my initial days. Hope this helps.

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