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I'm looking for any way to get a flash app to communicate with a silverlight app, and vice versa.

Are there any drawbacks to communication between the two apps? What are (or not) you able to communicate?

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I imagine you could try communicating via the DOM on the page in which the controls are hosted. I believe both have hooks into it from inside their programming environments.

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Of course, right after I asked this question, I find this article about a project called Microbe that passes a ball between Java and Silverlight, althought I can't find the actual site that hosts this idea.

Anyway, here's the article. If I can find the actually site I'll link it in this answer.

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Haha, nice, I was going to suggest using Javascript to do that, post more when you actually do it!

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I've been looking all day and have come up empty, but if I find anything I'll definitely include it so everyone can see an example of this. –  Joseph Jun 5 '09 at 19:37

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