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I did not find any solution to my problem, which is: i try to display a specific thumbnails inside prettyPhoto viewer , so i have this code:

a href="images/full01.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[1]" > img src="images/thumb01.jpg" /

a href="images/full02.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[1]" > img src="images/thumb02.jpg" style="display:none"/

a href="images/full03.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[1]" > img src="images/thumb03.jpg" style="display:none"/

now, when i click on the image (thumb01.jpg) the prettyPhoto viewer appear and display (full01.jpg) image, but the thumbnails inside the prettyPhoto viewer showing (full02.jpg,full03.jpg).

i just wanna to show the (thumb02.jpg, thumb03.jpg) as thumbnails.

please help me, and thank you in advance.

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You could try looking at this solution:

which tells you how to use specific thumbnails.

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