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i've started using shiro 1.1.0 in a web application using spring mvc 3.0.5 and zk 5.0.8 as admin. i wasn't having shiro annotation working so i specified the requredroles in the security application context :

/admin = authc, roles[ADMIN]

which works fine and redirect me to the unautorized paged i created. Now i got the Annotation working so i used @RequiresRoles(value={"manager","admin","superadmin"}) on top of a class:

@RequiresRoles(value = {"manager","admin","superadmin"})
public class ContentController extends GenericForwardComposer {...}

and it throws

org.apache.shiro.authz.UnauthorizedException: Subject does not have role [manager]

Is there anything to activate when using annotation for these kind of authorization to be caught?

Thanks for reading this.

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According to RequireRoles javadoc it should be defined on a method not on a class. If the current Subject doesn't have required role then Shiro should redirect to access denied page.

[UPDATE] I see there is an open issue on Shiro issue tracker for the same here. So it should be applicable at class level as well. Here is the relevant thread.

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