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Is there a way to customise the Layout.Navigation.Menu function in CompositeC1 or perhaps duplicate this function with one I can edit? I need to add unique IDs to the rendered elements so I can create an image based menu rather than text only.

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The function may be implemented using XSLT or Razor, depending on what starter site you initially selected. Check below "Functions | XSLT Functions | ..." and if you do not find Layout.Navigation.Menu there then check below "Layout | /App_Data/Razor/...".

To copy a Razor Function simply copy the file, naming it like you want your new function to be named. XSLT Functions do not have a copy feature, here you need to create a new XSLT FUnction and copy over settings.

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Thanks - I'm not familiar with XSLT or Razor so this simple task might be a bit of a challenge :) Is there a way to write C1 functions directly in C#? –  NickG Mar 21 '12 at 9:52

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