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When performing an NSURLRequest to a hostname, is it possible to obtain the IP address of the server that the response came from?

The NSURL method:

- (NSString *)host;

simply returns the hostname, and I see no way of obtaining the IP address from any of the other NSURL methods.

Perhaps there is a way of performing a host lookup before inititing the NSURLRequest?

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You can use the system call gethostbyname() to resolve a hostname then use the returning structure to get the ip address. Have a look at inet_ntop() for this last part.


struct hostent *hostentry;
hostentry = gethostbyname("google.com");
char * ipbuf;
ipbuf = inet_ntoa(*((struct in_addr *)hostentry->h_addr_list[0]));
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Note that inet_ntoa is deprecated and you should use inet_ntop in stead to support IPv6 addresses. – Thomas Vervest Nov 12 '12 at 20:37
Just in case you want to see all the ip addresses you will need to run a loop on hostentry->h_addr_list[i] to display all of them. – Mike.R Jun 7 '13 at 9:47
Use getaddrinfo() instead of gethostbyname(). It allows for IPV6 and caters for cases where multiple IP addresses are returned – NulledPointer Feb 12 '15 at 3:38

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