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While trying to generate the wsdl for my services I get the message:

Handler for Request not found:

Request.PathInfo: /metadata/soap12

I've already found the issue - just post this here if somebody else runs into the same issue.

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This is just a minor issue, but maybe someone else is struggeling.

if I point to the URI http://localhost:49490/api/ the request is forwarded (302) and the generated wsdl links point to the correct URI http://localhost:49490/api/soap12

but if I point to the URI http://localhost:49490/api/metadata directly the generated wsdl links looks like this: http://localhost:49490/api/metadata/soap12

which cause the problem described above.


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okie thx for reporting, will try fix it in a future release! –  mythz Mar 5 '12 at 18:53

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