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I would like to write a junit test for my Checkstyle extension. Can someone show me how to do it? I know there is a project in github called JUnit-Checkstyle-Test-Wrapper. However, I don't see how using this tool would help me get to my extension and verify its values. thanks.

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Probably the best reference for how to test your checkstyle extension (I assume you've added a checker) is to look at the checkstyle source code, and just copy & change one of the existing tests. For example, here is the test for HeaderCheck. This is probably the best way to start. Remember you can actually extend the Checkstyle test classes.

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take a look at a lot of examples for custom Checkstyle checks and UTs for them https://github.com/sevntu-checkstyle/sevntu.checkstyle/tree/master/sevntu-checks

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