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I have redefined names of ActiveRecord model by this way

        email: "<b>Custom email</b>"
        password: "<b>Custom password</b>"

I would like to get such output in my browser:

"Custom email must be not empty

but a get

<b>Custom email</b> must be not empty

How can I fix it?


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Normally with translations you can suffix the key name with "_html" in order to say that its output should not be escaped:

  email_html: "<b>Custom email</b>"

You should try that first but I don't think ActiveRecord will automatically look up that key.

Instead, where you output the form labels you may need to supply the translation key yourself:

<%= f.label :email, t("activerecord.attributes.user.email_html") %>


<%= f.label :email, t("").html_safe %>

I think html_safe is still valid.

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Andrew, thanks for response. But I don't use names of attrs in a way <%= f.label :email, t("activerecord.attributes.user.email_html") %>. Names of attrs are used by ActiveRecord automatically. When I try to suffix the key attr, ActiveRecord don't see this key ( –  Lesha Pipiev Mar 6 '12 at 7:32
There would be other ways involving various hacks. Although if you are doing no more than your example indicates (surrounding the label text in <b>) then you should just style it via CSS. –  Andrew France Mar 6 '12 at 11:38

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