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Does anybody know how to go about showing a div (smoothly) when hovering over another element. e.g hover over a 'News' link and then a div with the news will appear and disappear on mouse off.

I'm guessing i would use jQuery for this but does anybody have any pointers where to start?

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jQuery hover

With a combination of fadeIn and fadeOut (for showing/hiding the div with news smoothly) should do it.

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        $('#details').show("slow");// You can chose, slow,fast or type milliseconds

You simply use .hover() and give it 2 arguments which are functions. The first one is executed when the mouse enters the news and the second one is executed when the mouse leaves news.
With the show() and hide() method you can add some effects. You could also use fadeIn(), fadeout() Or just use fadeToggle(),toggle()

jQuery Documentation:

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