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Being new to Lucene I'd like to find documents where a certain field is either within a given range or entirely absent. That is I'd like to combine the results of these two queries:

q=something AND field:[lower TO upper]
q=something AND -field:[* TO *]

Either query gives me the desired result but when I try to combine the two I get nothing:

q=something AND (field:[lower TO upper] OR -field:[* TO *])

something can be a more complex query. Actually, my query will be Solr query from within a Java program in case it makes a difference. How can this be done?

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Thanks a lot. Indeed that works. So the answer is q=something AND NOT (-field:[lower TO upper] AND field:[* TO *]). Now I wonder how expensive is such a query? – Michael Lemke Mar 5 '12 at 15:59

This should work as well:

q=( (+something -field:[* TO *]) OR (+something +field:[lower TO upper]) )
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